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Loneliness – A Shame of Modern Civilisation!

Loneliness – a shame of modern civilisation!
What are we not doing right?
Sadly the UK can pride itself of a figure of 1.2 million older people now being chronically lonely – according to Age UK.Their website also says that 3,6m older people in the UK live alone and more than
2 million of them are over 75 years old. generational living model that has since gained popularity around the world. Of these people’ 1,9 million often feel ignored or invisible. Lonelmess can be as harmful for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

Age UK has been running … Read the rest

Silence is vital for your brain

Science says silence is vital for our brains.
The world’s secrets are hidden inside Silence.
Over the years I have pondered much about silence and where to find it. As a family, we prefer spending time in natural silence in the New Forest, Jurassic coastal walking or in mountains.The experience of deep tranquility is much preferred compared to a hectic and noisy day out at organised events such as New Forest Show or an amusement Park. For many years, I have wanted to take part in a silence retreat, the day will come before too long when I can do … Read the rest

Silence is vital for your brain

MM July 18 Silence w Ross editsRead the rest


Moontime – let’s celebrate!

It is important to raise awareness of women’s power in an area which makes women unique. Although an estimated 800 million women are menstruating as you read this, periods can be associated with silence and shame. Thankfully, there are many efforts to change this – from outlawing menstrual seclusion to a campaign to introduce a period emoji. What do you think?

Last summer, Nepal criminalised the practice of sending women into exile while having their periods. However, it will sadly continue to be a battle to deter this centuries-old custom in remote areas of Nepal. Chaupadi … Read the rest

Change your whole outlook on life for a positive one

Let me share some of the feedback I have received for my Life Retuning treatment. Not only can it reduce stress and anxiety, it can lift depression, neutralise old hurts and long-held emotions, and change your whole outlook on life for the positive 

Stress and anxiety diminished

‘While suffering from a recurrent episode of anxiety and depression I was introduced to Life Retuning by Lis Horwich. I had little knowledge of this process but, unwilling to embark on another round of medication, I was curious to experience it. As a non-talking, non-invasive therapy the practitioner gently investigates to identify the … Read the rest

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