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Established with 25 years of assisting people to live a happier life

Welcome to my website. My motivation for my work is to empower you to a better life without limitations. My aim is for you to learn new skills, to apply these skills in your daily life. A mixture of hands-on and scientifically based energy work; talk therapy and self-development work has the chance and to turn your life around.

For the past 25 years, I have worked guiding people to live more fulfilled lives, be it turning from despair, ill health or lacking purpose in life. Through continuous training, I am finding ways to enhance the different modalities I offer, embracing serious self-development and discovering unique ways of working with clients. I feel a strong light of compassion for other people.

The aim of Empowerment Coaching is to alleviate or decrease your negative feelings such as: anxiety, hopelessness, fear, lack of self-worth, anger, distress etc. to give you strategies in life situations to find your optimum potential.


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