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Raise your energies to create more positivity

Raise your vibrations and create positive energies.
Have you ever experienced depression? If so, you know that depression is an oppressively heavy feeling. You feel “bad” most or all of the time. You can be feeling punished for who you are and never feel as if you are doing anything right. Most likely you are feeding negative energy into your being all through the day and maybe night. Remember you were created as a human being in a state of high joy of vibrational energy. Actually, we are all energy at the finished level of our being. This cannot be … Read the rest

Certain foods may increase the risk of depression

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Loneliness – A Shame of Modern Civilisation!

Loneliness – a shame of modern civilisation!
What are we not doing right?
Sadly the UK can pride itself of a figure of 1.2 million older people now being chronically lonely – according to Age UK.Their website also says that 3,6m older people in the UK live alone and more than
2 million of them are over 75 years old. generational living model that has since gained popularity around the world. Of these people’ 1,9 million often feel ignored or invisible. Lonelmess can be as harmful for our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!

Age UK has been running … Read the rest

Silence is vital for your brain

Science says silence is vital for our brains.
The world’s secrets are hidden inside Silence.
Over the years I have pondered much about silence and where to find it. As a family, we prefer spending time in natural silence in the New Forest, Jurassic coastal walking or in mountains.The experience of deep tranquility is much preferred compared to a hectic and noisy day out at organised events such as New Forest Show or an amusement Park. For many years, I have wanted to take part in a silence retreat, the day will come before too long when I can do … Read the rest

Silence is vital for your brain

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