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Life Retuning Case study

Emerging from an emotional black hole – a real Life Retuning case

Recently, a client (let’s call her “Client C”) came to me for five treatments. Her main issue was acrophobia, which restricted her ability to travel. Through the use of Life Retuning (LR) techniques[1], we explored Client C’s condition; below is a summary of the outcome from our combined discoveries.

  • Client C is in her late 50s. The Current Problem (CP) was found to be related to an experience at the age of 7. The Seed Trauma (ST) found through Life Retuning was very significant, the
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Life Retuning

Life Retuning is a unique treatment, providing answers, enabling harmony and ending the suffering in your life.

Life Retuning is a new modality of treatment for emotional, mental and physical discomfort, combining the laws of quantum physics with ancient, esoteric knowledge. It is based on Energy Psychology, which has been around for 30 years thanks to the discoveries of Roger Callahan. It is the natural progression and next step in the evolution of quantum treatment. Although you will be able to recognise some EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) elements in Life Retuning, it goes much further than this.

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