Empowerment Coaching

I offer seven different packages depending on your own personal need.

A free 45–minute consultation to identify which option will suit you as a client from the Bronze Package and above. This can be done face–face; by Skype or by telephone.

  • In your free consultation we will ensure that you are comfortable and at ease to discuss what your needs are right now. We will establish what your current issues are and what you want to gain in your new path going forward. This then provides you a comfortable place and time with privacy and confidentiality to also ask further questions.
  • We will discuss which package is more aligned and beneficial to you right now. To get you started on your new path plus you will also be sent a questionnaire which will provide us with further information to initiate the positive work for your personalised progression.
  • Prices, content, length and frequency of sessions will be clarified that suit your needs so that your health and well–being healing needs are supported and prioritised in your investment in you.
  • This is a free consultation, after completion of your questionnaire there will be a brief follow up session to conclude and satisfy your understanding of which package is best suited to you and ask further questions.
  • Once this is established and agreed, you will then be sent a Lis Horwich Welcome Pack or Letter which will provide you with all the relevant content and details.
  • Remember this decision will be a life–changing decision for you and will assist you to move forward to where you desire to be in your health and well–being mentally and physically. As a practitioner I always feel privileged to be part of your journey towards your success and happiness.


Starter Package (Reflexology with health advice)

Are you suffering from the following?

Do you have aches or pain with mild to moderate migraines?
Do you feel not quite right, but not sure what to do?
Do you suffer from IBS or any other digestive disorders?
Are you stressed beyond what feels right?
Do you lack in motivation in down time?

3 treatments@ 1½hrs each
Benefits of this Package for you are:

Reflexology treats the whole person not just the disease
Emotional blockages start clearing and physical healing is aided
Self–healing process begins immediately after a treatment
Healing is stimulated in corresponding parts of the body
Reflexology has a mind–body–spirit connection
Treatment relieves stress and congestion
Reflexology eliminates toxins and reduces inflammation


Bronze Package (Reflexology with Life Retuning)

Is your emotional state so upsetting?

Are you are feeling unwell but not sure why and you are deadly tired of this?
Do you have daily fears which are getting you down?
Is constant worry now making everything worse?
Are you kept awake at night because of worries?
Are you desperate for a change in life?
If you pick up the phone and ask for a free 45 minutes’ consultation, we can work through and find out what possibilities are out there for you that you may not be aware of that could really alleviate your problems and help you right now.

3 treatments/month x 3 months
Healing treatment benefits of this Package are:

Pain and aches are aided rapidly
Self–healing process begins after a treatment
You will see the world with greater positivity
Your glass can be seen half full rather than half empty
Emotional blockages start clearing and physical healing is aided
Treatment relieves stress and congestion
You feel lighter and less worried after a treatment
Your fears will be reduced
Worries will take a step back in your life as you start to see your life differently


Silver Package (Self–Love coaching with Metaphysical visualisations)

Do you suffer from Inner and outer mind–set and emotional concerns?

You are too self–critical with no self–love and do not know how to move away from it?
Are you tired of feeling like a 6–year–old child lacking confidence?
Can you look in the mirror and say “I love you?”
Are you crippled with anger?
Are you ready to forgive yourself and those who have hurt you?

7 treatments over 3 months
Clarity in direction, a sense of calm. The benefits package will deliver:

Loving yourself will benefit your life and deep seated false beliefs will clear
You are taught to see the true light you are without limitations
A sense of peace and wellbeing is restored
What you want in life becomes clearer
Affirmations will help you daily
Monitor your self–talk and build up your self–esteem
Your past limitations will fade away
Become an expert of daily gratitude and live a stress free life
Fear can be overcome when you understand their limitations
Reach your inner guidance through visualisation

Bonus feature: MP3 meditation for self–love, Workbook with Universal Laws handouts, “Life loves you cards” by Louise L Hay and Robert Holden with a bar of New Forest Soap: Heaven Scent.


Aluminium (Forgiveness)

Are you being eating up by your past?

Do you find it impossible to forgive?
Has something unforgiveable happened to you?
How hard is it to feel the pain daily from your sacrifice?
You do not need to turn a blind eye on the situation.

6 sessions of 1½ hours over 3 months
Forgiveness offers everything you want

World leaders have showed us to let love replace all grievances.
Forgiveness gives you peace, happiness, quiet, safety etc.
Forgiveness is your salvation when you let yourself grieve and let love heal.
Let your heart open to be free after too much pain, anger and resentment.
Work with five principles of grievances and then accept the expire date!
To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner is you!
It is time to honour and empower yourself by forgiven others and to live in the present.


Gold Package (Life Retuning)

Are you searching for the right help?
Just not sure what and how to move on?

Are you wondering how long you can survive and worse still do not know who and where to turn to for help?
Is your work – life balance totally off balance?
Are you eager to get better quickly?
Is your life governed by fear?
Do you wake up every night unable to go back to sleep not knowing why?

3 treatments/month x 3 months
Benefit of this package includes a sense of release from the old ways to a refined balance

You feel strong and ready for new adventures after Life–Retuning
Providing answers and enabling harmony in your life
Reads the human energy field and deactivate self–limiting behaviour
Gets your energy system back into harmony and removes pessimistic self–talk
Get rid of self–sabotaging behaviour, distressing and crippling emotions clear away as dew for the sun
Any age can benefit from a treatment
Bypass usual logical blocks to success
The problem you present will disappear from your memory as your energy field is read and cleared
Negative emotions will clear away faster than you ever thought would be possible

Bonus Feature: Homework guidance and Dr Wayne W. Dyer book: “Living the Wisdom of Tao: The Complete Tao Te Ching and Affirmations”.


Gold Package Plus (Positive Life Coaching)

Are you suffering from despair and self–avoidance?

Is your internal dialogue making you lose your track daily?
If you are not ready to change now when will you take the plunge?
Do you want to carry on like this for the rest of your life or are you desperate to find harmony in your life?
Would you like to find happiness within and your inner power?
Has your self–respect gone out of the window?

3 treatments/month x 3 months
Benefit of this package is self–healing with inner work with positive attitude

Life changing sessions and you will be free of major shackles
You will see yourself through kinder eyes
Know how to convert your inner critic to your inner coach
Become an expert in using positive affirmations and goal settings
Feeling at ease living by the Universal Laws
Integrating daily positive thinking and taking charge of your life is freedom
Live by hope and positivity

Bonus Feature: Beautiful notebook for your thoughts and Handouts


Platinum Package (A combination from Silver/Gold or Gold Plus)

Are you suffering from despair and self–avoidance?

Platinum package

This is the JUST FOR YOU package

It is the ultimate blending of the two most suited options in order to progress you forward towards a harmonious life.

So the most important question you can consider right now is:

Are you ready for a life changing opportunity right now?
How long do you really want to stay in this way?
Do you think you owe it to yourself to start the change with the help of an experienced practitioner?

If you have had enough of feeling unworthy; hopeless, full of apathy then take the positive action to call and let us discuss this further.

Bonus Features: Relevant gifts for you from the chosen packages.

If you pick up the phone and ask for a free 45–minute consultation, we can work through the possibilities for you that could really alleviate your problems and help you right now.
So why not make that most important call and find out more.
Remember all we discuss is private and confidential.
It may be your first small step in the right direction.


You Can Do Anything

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