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"Since 2014 I have worked very hard to improve my mental health and understand myself better.  What that has meant is a tumultuous few years as I work my way through the “infrastructure of my life” with my realizing that every single decision came from a dysfunctional start in life. I am open minded, so I was delighted to hear that Lis Horwich was offering “life retuning”. In fact, I had heard good things about it from a friend so yippee here I come. Well it’s been one day only and its early days (of course) but I left the “re-tuning” so much more positive and happier. In fact, knowing that my auras and chakras which had “housed” issues had been freed after just one session, made me feel relieved as I have no wish to hang on to negative past life traumas which affect my day to day life. I loved the experience so much and today when I felt my mind turn to a negative issue, I immediately remembered the technique and next thing I know I am back in the building. I cannot wait for sessions two and three. On a personal level, Lis is lovely and warm and never makes you feel foolish and misguided."   TB - Bournemouth

"After only one Life Retuning session with Lis Horwich my issues regarding travelling were much improved allowing me to visit my son in Cornwall with a new found confidence and without the constant worry which would have been usual. This technique has provided relief from an issue that has been with me since childhood. I shall certainly continue with Lis working on other issues."  AS - Hordle

"I recently saw Lis on a number of occasions to receive the benefit of her wisdom, knowledge, expertise and Life Retuning & Counselling healing services.  At all times, Lis was professional, caring, compassionate, listened and provided the perfect mix of wise words of encouragement & realistic true-life observations in order to progress me forward – to face and embrace the challenges – and to recognise the bright opportunity of life.Lis is an extremely thorough and knowledgeable practitioner, she delivers what is needed when it is needed.  She is calm, considerate, open and her kindness and empathy always evident. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lis and her extensive range of life enhancing services to others.  I felt so much improvement so quickly following each of my sessions – and with the tools which Lis has provided to me, I continue on the path to optimum health on all levels.  Thank you Lis!TR -  Ferndown

“I am so grateful for my sessions with Lis. She was able to help me develop a stronger sense of focus and perspective following a series of traumatic events that I had experienced. I found that her approach was brilliant; combining emphatic listening, with visualisations. She also supported me with helpful readings. She also wrote for me a reflection on my sessions which is something that I will keep with me. My sessions with Lis helped me to develop my sense of self love. In addition, to helping me let go of some of the painful experiences that had been troubling. She helped me to reclaim my sense of strength and think about what I wanted to do in the future. Thanks again Lis.”    Emma – Highcliffe

“I have known Lis for nearly 7 years when in I was in the last few weeks before my first baby was due to be born.  I needed calming down and focussing – so that I was able to safely deliver the baby at home (something that I really wanted to do).  Lis helped me, in her typically holistic and positive manner, with a variety of techniques – including reflexology, reiki and visualisation. I had a wonderful birth experience at home, as planned.  Lis’ support and advice in the run up to the birth really helped me enormously! Lis helped me again in the run up and through my second pregnancy.  She helped me remain calm, relaxed and positive.  I safely delivered my second daughter at home.  Lis takes time, care and a great deal of interest in her work.  Very professional, very well read, constantly looking to develop her practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Lis.”    Helen – Verwood

“Just wanted to say big thanks for sharing some tips how I could improve my client’s quality of sleep. She has profound learning disabilities, epilepsy, she is non- verbal as well. Communication is very difficult . My client is sleeping so much better these days . Everything you have suggested worked beautifully: aromatherapy ,herbal teas before bedtime, special relaxing music as a background for sleeping. All these little changes has been adopted by my client's care team and they all noted improvement during night shifts. “  AO - Poole

"I attended a seminar with Lis back last winter due to suffering long term and excruciating migraines.  This were debilitating for several days and affecting my quality of life, in addition to the ‘fear’ of one when I was working.I booked some sessions with Lis and found the reflexology, combined with her power of positive thought, has meant that I am now able to control the situation with learnt techniques that have virtually stopped the pain.   If you are anxious this is well worth a try."  JH - Highcliffe


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