The 3 D’s - Depression, Death & Dying

I have been lead more and more in the direction of exploring, writing and talking about the 3D’s. It is far from an easy and uplifting subject to embrace, but unfortunately it is essential that we open up to the 3D’s particularly in our Western culture.

It is now 27 years since my twin brother died from suicide, but I still feel his presence. My love and the respect I had for him is still strong within me. Through a spiritual medium he has asked me to speak about depression, death and dying, so I am honouring his request; that is why I choose to speak out about these issues.

Please look at the statistics in the box;

2013 figures for suicide in the United Kingdom from National Statistics
  • Aged 15 and over in 2012: 5,981, 2013: 6,233=4% increase
  • Overall 2013:11.9 deaths per 100,000 population
  • Male suicides : 19.0/100,000 population, Female suicides : 5.1/100,000 population
  • Male suicide rate in 2013 was the highest since 2001
  • Most vulnerable by broad age group 2013: men aged 45-59 25.1/100,000-highest for age group since 1981
  • Most common method of UK suicide 2013: hanging/strangulation/suffocation 56.1% male/40.2% female
  • Suicide is the single biggest killer of young men under 35 of age


I feel in my heart that we as a human race have only one way to tackle these horrific figures. It is up to us to stand together whilst we embrace and support one another. Speak up; tell your story; you will not be judged. Find ways to help and support those people who are suffering.

We may all know or know of somebody who has committed suicide and therefore seen or felt the consequences and devastation following such a traumatic death. Furthermore, one in every four people around us has or will experience a period or even a life of depression. Is that just how it should be or can we find avenues to change these figures? Around 4,400 people end their own lives in England each year – that is one death every two hours – and at least 10 times that number attempt suicide. We can and must help people who are suffering with depression.

 My Facebook page: The Depressive Optimist is a place where readers post thoughts and feelings and we have daily posts. I write monthly articles to this page too. See under Media.


We can and must help people who are suffering with depression.


The good stuff in life is:

Connections; gratitude; forgiveness; supporting family; kindness; hope; optimism; flow; strength; mindfulness; meaning; healthy lifestyle; joy, supporting friends

We Can Only Help

The tough stuff in life is:

Family; abuse; anxiety; bullying; drugs; alcohol; anger; body image; sexuality; self–harm; bipolar disorder; suicide; relationships; grief and loss; depression

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