My Toolbox

The most important tool in my toolbox is without any doubt my life experiences! I strongly believe we all are born into this life having chosen our parents and thereby our family when we were still in spirit form as a pre-birth conscious choice. We get to write the story of our life, even get to choose the life themes or life lessons, whichever words you prefer. This is often referred to as our soul contract, which I fully believe, we follow throughout our life along adding our free will.

Our soul plan reveals the challenges and tests we have chosen to go through in life in order to eventually realise our life purpose.

I follow Emanuel Swedenborg, a Swedish theologist from the 18th century and a fellow Scandinavian; his opinion was, that every angel was once a human having lived on Earth. When we die or go through the passage, we call death, our soul continues. On Earth we learn challenges, dark or light, and we choose to become managers in the Universe. In heaven we find ourselves with like-minded souls, so we can work on our issues together.

My training

Librarian from The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Copenhagen 1982

Reflexologist from The Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in London 1994

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner from Annika Lipman in Hertfordshire 2000

Metaphysical Counsellor from The Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness in London 2000

Level One and Two EFT Practitioner from Gary Williams in Bedfordshire 2006

Positive Living Coach from The Sue Stone Foundation in Bournemouth 2012

Life Retuning Practitioner from The Life Retuning Academy with Ildiko Scurr in Bournemouth 2014

Loving Yourself Coach from Louise Hay 2015

Understanding Autism 2019



Spiritual Teacher


I will keep you moving if you are stuck in your life in order to turn your life around

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